By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Dec 11, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
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If swapping conventional products for eco-friendly formulas is a 2018 goal, allow us to introduce you to a new beauty brand that will help you achieve that resolution without breaking the bank. Every so often, an innovation debuts that shakes everything up—and Love Beauty and Planet is just that.

It’s a new haircare and body care line that’s focused on sustainability and being kind to the earth, while still catering to all your beauty needs. Some of their advancements include 100 percent recycled bottles. And while the brand’s caps and pumps aren’t recyclable yet, they have that in the works. The brightly colored, printed labels have a special adhesive that insure they can be removed in the recycling process (but won't get gross and peel-y in your shower), so the bottle definitely gets reused. On top of all that, the scents are composed of naturally and ethically-sourced oils or extracts, and the brand is entirely vegan and free of silicones and parabens.

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The entire line consists of products like shampoo, hair oil, dry shampoo, a no-rinse body cleanser, hair masks, the coolest innovation is Love Beauty and Planet’s fast-rinse conditioner, which helps you save more water while you’re in the shower washing your hair. It’s thanks to a patent-pending formula that still conditions and nourishes your hair but easily and quickly rinses out when in contact with water. As far as the lines go, you can choose from Blooming Color, for color-treated hair, Hope & Repair, for damaged hair, Peaceful Hydration, for that extra boost of moisture, Radical Refresher, for tired hair, Volume and Bounty, for fine hair, and Smooth and Serene, for frizzy hair.

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The brand’s mission is to inspire “small acts of love” for the planet, and with that, they have partnered with the organization Ashoka to help fund three Changemaker Ambassadors with their goal of bettering and protecting the planet.

And with all that, there’s the fact that this brand is incredibly affordable—seriously, everything in the line rings up to less than $10. Be on the lookout for these pretty (and eco-friendly) bottles at your local drugstore in early 2018.