TikTokers Are Loving These $14 Self-Tanning Drops

The L’Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning drops are trending.

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TikTokers Are Loving These $14 Self-Tanning Drops
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With spring quickly approaching, you likely have sunkissed, bronzy skin on your mind. While we've stuck at home, the last thing anyone is doing is getting a natural tan, but that's what the wonders of self-tanner are for. Self-tanning could be intimidating to some — think streaks, spotting, and getting the wrong tones. But when you find the right product, it's way easier than you think to get it right.

TikTokers have already jumped on the self-tanning bandwagon for the year, and of course, they found an affordable and effective product to help us all out. L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Facial Drops are currently trending on the app, and several users agree that this product gets the job done. Plus, the drops cost just $17 per bottle, and they're currently on sale at Walgreens for $14.

L'Oreal Sublime BronzeSelf-Tanning Facial Drops, Fragrance-Free

Shop now: $17; amazon.com

As a drugstore brand, L'Oreal already makes a plethora of products accessible to the masses. While self-tanning products can typically be pricey and more often found in the luxe sector, this product makes it easy for everyone to get that glow. Apart from being a drugstore item, the tanning drops are also fragrance- and dye-free and formulated with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated after each use.

The drops operate as a serum and can be applied daily until you receive the color you desire. Because of the watery consistency, you don't have to worry about stickiness or discomfort after application. You can easily follow up with your traditional makeup routine and still achieve that bronzy look. For the best results, it's recommended that you mix in the drops with your moisturizer. This makes it easier to achieve an even application across your entire face and neck area.

For a light, natural glow, you'll want to apply five to seven drops of the product into your moisturizer, and for a deeper tan, you'll want to apply eight to 10. Because the self-tanner is clear in color, you'll want to be conscious of the amount you're mixing in. After one use, you'll immediately see a radiant glow, and over time, you'll be left with a streak-free tan that's bronze in color and gives your skin an overall healthier appearance. People love this product because it takes away the fear of getting an orange, unnatural-looking tan.

Note that this product is for your face only, and should not be used in place of self-tanner on your body. The L'Oeal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Drops work for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and do not clog your pores, according to the brand. Get your glow on just in time for the warmer months with this TikTok-approved self-tanner.

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