By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Nov 03, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Credit: lola/Instagram

Ah, period cramps.

If your monthly cycle typically comes with a side of intense cramps, you likely already have a method of coping—sometimes it includes a variety of Midol, heating pads, hot baths, junk food, or consuming the entire second season of Stranger Things in one sitting. All of these things are effective at momentarily reducing (or distracting us from) our cramps and PMS symptoms, but every month, it's a different story, and a different combination of remedies we combine to keep the aches at bay.

Luckily, LOLA is here to help. The brand behind some our favorite organic tampons ever (which are delivered to us every month, thank you very much) has launched a dynamic duo of products designed to fight off cramps, available right now at

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First in the lineup is the brand's blend of cramp-reducing essential oils ($28;, housed in a handy roll-on dispenser shaped not unlike that strawberry-flavored lipgloss you used to hoard back in the day. LOLA's mixture contains chamomile, geranium, and capaicin oils, the latter of which is derived from chili pepper seeds, and is the reason said peppers taste so spicy. When used topically on your abdomen, the element helps to reduce tension and increase bloodflow, effectively calming what ails you.

The second product, LOLA's Daily Supplement ($18;, just might rival that bottle of Midol you hold dear. This formula is rich in Vitamin D, folic acid, and nicacin, all of which can help balance mood swings, while reducing the pain associated with cramps and PMS headaches. Simply pop one a day, and you should be good to go for the remaining five to seven in your cycle.