Good things come in small packages. 
New Mac Makeup
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I believe it was my homeboy Billy Shakespeare who once said, "Though she be but little, she is fierce." I find that this, as with most things that my homie Bill came up with, is true. Great things come in small packages, and the same can be said of beauty products. And while regular-sized M•A•C beauty products pack a serious punch of their own, the brand's tiny new line definitely makes an entrance.

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We're talking about MINI M•A•C beauty products. Sound the airhorns! Your makeup bag is about to get so much cuter. Because as we all know, miniature things make our hearts explode.

As of right now, the Little M•A•C collection is available in stores and online. What does it include? Baby zoom lash ($10) in an assortment of colors (including a gorgeous emerald green), teeny pigments (amazing for when you need some on-the-go glitter, am I right?) and teeny-tiny lipglasses in an amazing range of colors from your everyday neturals to soft pastel yellow and lavender.

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Basically, it's a dream come true and perfectly timed for all of those mini breaks we have planned. Vacay packing will be a breeze.