We Figured Out Your Coachella Sunglasses + Lippie Combo So You Don't Have To

Coachella Header
Photo: Art by Elysia Berman

It’s that time of year again, you guys. Yep, you guessed it: the hour of flower crowns and temporary tattoos is upon us. Coachella. And if you’re at the festival reveling with thousands in the heat, you’ll probably be in need of some sunglasses…and as a beauty girl, you’re probably not gonna forgo makeup either. So what kind of Coachella girl are you based on your sunnies and lipstick preferences? Find out below!

Center of Attention

Coachella Sunglasses and Lipstick Duos
Art by Elysia Berman

You are hard to miss and that’s just a fact. And if you’re going to be the belle of every ball, you might as well be wearing something scene stealing…and that applies to your accessories, too. These Quay sunnies have a classic shape with a not so classic marble frame and blue polarized lenses, which, we might add, boast great instagram opportunities in those reflections, ladies ($55; quayaustralia.com). And just because you are going bold with your glasses does not preclude a toned-down lip. You’ll be dancing in the moonlight, so fussing over re-applying your lip color won’t be on your schedule. That’s why you will need something like Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in L.U.V ($20; sephora.com). It will last you from dawn til dusk, and the color is bright violet but still a little vampy. That’s your vibe, right?

Love Child

Love Child
Art by Elysia Berman

You’re a modern girl with a chill vibe and even more of a chill style, so you’ve gotta grab a pair of frames that update a vintage silhouette. These circular sunglasses ($79; nordstrom.com) boast serious Elton John vibes but have sleek avant-garde triangular embellishments. With a statement piece like these, you won’t need much in terms of makeup for impact. And that’s why we chose a long-wearing gloss stain, like YSL's Glossy Stain ($36; sephora.com). You’ll have a lovely dose of sheer color that will keep your lips moisturized but uber natural. Because we all know, you’ll be busy dancing barefoot, and your lipstick should be the last thing on your mind.

Vintage Babe

Coachella New Classic
Art by Elysia Berman

Doesn’t matter if you are in the desert, you’re still gonna look polished. You'll probably want shades that have a classic cat-eye vibe with some edge ($59; nordstrom.com). Naturally, you’re also gonna be rocking a bright red lip color in pin-up girl fashion. We love the cult classic Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso ($24; sephora.com). It does what it says on the tube and is arguably the chicest lip color around. Because no matter where you go, you’re still the new classic.

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