By Dianna Mazzone
Updated Jul 05, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
Urban Decay Bold Lipsticks - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy (3)

When Urban Decay's Vice lipstick collection hit late last month, it practically broke the Internet. With 100 shades available in six different finishes from matte to sheer, it's the kind of launch that keeps lipstick lovers awake at night plotting which color they’ll snatch up next.

That said, though all the shades are enticing, it was the more unusual hues in the collection—think white, green, and navy—that really caught our eye. Below, the surprisingly easy ways to wear 'em IRL.

How to Wear... White Lipstick

Bobby Dazzle ($17; is described by the brand as a white iridescent pearl. To avoid looking ghostly, try this one as a top coat over a bright hue like pink or red. The result? A slightly more cooled-down look perfect for daytime wear.

How to Wear... Green Lipstick

Junkie ($17;, a metallic green with a slight golden shimmer, is not for the faint of heart: The green is so deep, it almost reads as black once it hits your lips. (You'll be on-trend for fall, if the look at shows like Dior and Max Mara were any indication.) But for a less intense take, concentrate the color at the center of your mouth and feather the pigment outward.

How to Wear... Navy Lipstick

A navy blue called Heroine ($17; is striking, but feels less foreign than green—we'd guess that's because so many red lipsticks have blue undertones. This formula is totally matte, and provides an opaque finish in a single swipe. Try it as is, or blot with a tissue after application to soften the look.