Finding ways to keep ourselves busy until Eleven comes back.

Stranger Things Lips - Lead
Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Raise your hand if you not only watched Stranger Things, but binge-watched it in a matter of days. Well, if you're a member of the latter group of Netflix-loving peeps, there's likely an Eleven-shaped hole in your life. We're right there behind you.

While we were looking for ways to fill the time between now and Season 2, we not only came across a video of Millie Brown shaving her head to play Eleven, but some amazing Stranger Things-inspired lip art by makeup pro Ryan Kelly. Yes, Tuesday is a good day.

Honestly, it's one of the most conceptually interesting pieces of lip art we've come across. The look was inspired by Eleven, hence the fake 011 tattoo and the bleeding nose, but even beyond that, the look is split into the regular world and the upside down.

If you have mad artistic skills, or just want to try this out at home, Ryan included a full breakdown of the products she used and shared a very detailed YouTube tutorial. It's not exactly Season 2, but we'll take what we can get.