Olivia Wilde
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Happy National Lipstick Day! We're celebrating by wearing lots of lipstick, of course, and by sharing this just-in data about each state's most popular lip colors. There's some not-so-surprising and surprising finds, and you can thank commerce site Polyvore for mining all the juicy data.

We'll start by telling you that the brand's survey indicated that the most popular color of lipstick across the entire United States is nude, with 74 percent of states choosing it as their favorite according to searches.

Interestingly, the site's seen a whopping 444 percent increase in searches for nude lipstick since last year, and there's a really good reason as to why that's the case. Immediately after Kylie debuted her "Exposed" Lip Kit, the site was suddenly inundated with shoppers looking for nude lipstick.

States that officially searched for nude lippies the most include California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii,and lots of others. States who switched things up a bit by choosing rose as their favorite lip color of choice were Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and Kansas.

Turns out Wyoming and West Virginia are fans of light pink lipstick, and Idaho and Tennessee keep things as girly as possible with pink shimmer.

But here's the biggest kicker of them all. North Dakota's most popular searched-for lip color, according to the data? Black. And thanks to beauty brands really expanding their product offerings, getting a tube of black lipstick has never been easier.