Disney - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of The Everett Collection

As far as I am concerned, you are never too old for a little Disney. Walt Disney himself was a living embodiment of that principle. And while you may not have time to go home and watch The Aristocats or Cinderella on a regular basis, you can keep a little Disney in your every day life by means of makeup.

Sure, M•A•C Disney Villains was a runaway success, but in more recent days, what we really should be excited about the Lip Smackers Tsum Tsum Collection.

Yes that's right, you can get a Marie from The Aristocats in lip balm form.

What do you get when you buy one? A dome-shaped balm with soft topper caps that double as the faces of your favorite Disney characters. As of right now, Marie from The Aristocats, Tigger, Donald Duck, and Dumbo are available for $5 a piece at

However, as of next month, a bunch of new characters are going to be added to the collection, including none other than the Cheshire Cat. How amazing is that? Makes us want to sing!