She announced it via Instagram, of course.

Credit: Getty Images

The metallic lip isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Ever since Kylie Cosmetics debuted their metal matte shades, a ton of companies have been following suit. Kylie clearly isn't slowing down on her metallic takeover either, as today she announced yet another new shade — a black metal matte lipstick hue called Majesty. Unexpected, yes, but so, so good.

We'll let the pictures explain.

Kylie took to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram to share several photos of Majesty (when she commits to a theme she really commits). In a word, it looks awesome. Kylie's #comingsoon hashtags have us foaming at the mouth, and it's said to be launching this month! The color is darker than what you would expect for a summer shade, but we sure it won't have any trouble selling out.

We should note that Kylie isn't the only celeb who recently launched a black lipstick. In Katy Perry's new CoverGirl line, the celeb released a demi-matte black lipstick hue that is worth the $$$. She even wore it to the Met Gala with bleached brows – talk about a beauty statement.

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