By Alyssa Clough
Updated Apr 03, 2015 @ 12:45 pm
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Victor Boyko/WireImage

Black lipstick continues to be featured on the runway, most notably this season during the Giles show in London and Emanuel Ungaro in Paris. While the models looked chic—and the Instagrams even chicer—it's not an everyday look most of us can wear. Or a nighttime look, for that matter.

A lipstick enthusiast myself, I was certain I would be able to pull off the trend with ease. I have a few maroon and deep purple hues I LOVE, and figured a bit more intensity wouldn't be a big deal. Admittedly, buying a tube wasn't high on my list of to-dos, but after receiving Lime Crime Black Velvet lip gloss ($20; from a friend as a gift, I gave it whirl one Friday night. I figured it would give off dangerously sophisticated vibes, but boy, was I wrong.

Upon initial application, I knew I couldn't leave the house. My friends quickly agreed and I wiped it off within seconds. Disappointing, I know. After that shocking incident, it took a month for me to get back on the horse. This time, I wore the lipstick during the day... to work. I was in all black and to be honest, felt pretty cool. Experimenting with more extreme fashion and beauty choices comes easier to me during the day, so it wasn't surprising that I felt more at ease in a corporate office setting than over casual drinks with friends. What was surprising is that nobody said anything! Except for a few teenage girls on the subway.

My co-workers agreed that while I looked chic, my all black ensemble veered more goth than sartorial risk-taker. Just one week later, I was ready for take three. Super-obsessed with pulling off the monochrome white look in a sophisticated, casual kind of way, I paired my white Adidas Superstars with white jeans, a fuzzy, cropped sweater, and you guessed it, the black lipstick. The results speak for themselves, frankly. I finally found the perfect outfit to pair with my black lipstick.

While I had a good time experimenting with this shade and will be wearing it again soon, I'm definitely not ditching my go-to maroons and deep purple shades either. If you're more comfortable rocking a solid oxblood shade for spring (yes, you can), here are my all-time favorites.


Deep Purple