Feast Your Eyes on a Tub Of Lipstick

Apparently this is how the other half lives...

Photo: Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

Cannes red carpet coverage is great, but the behind the scenes stuff is almost better. Just in case Cannes wasn't glamorous enough for you Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts, and Julianne Moore are here to fix that. In an Instagram shared by Susan Sarandon, the three screen sirens are seen hanging out in an intricately tiled bathroom next to a TUB of L'Oreal lipsticks. Yes, we said tub.

A few things need to be addressed — how do we join their crew? How did said lipstick tub come to be? Is this just what happens when you run a bath in Cannes? Either way this whole situation is really #GOALS. The tub could be full of hundreds, thousands, millions of tubes of L'Oréal lippies! WE WISH.

We totally feel Susan's caption... When has one lipstick ever been enough?

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