They say imitation is the largest form of flattery.

Sia's Red Lipstick
Credit: Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

There are many things we marvel at in this world. A few of note? Perfectly symmetrical eyeliner, cronuts, foundation that doesn't cake, and of course, Sia's beauty icon status.

Sia's name conjures images of her instantly iconic music videos, of Maddie Ziegler's bomb a** dance moves, but also of her signature blunt eye-covering bob and red lip. While we know the bob is a wig, the lipstick is something that might have left you stumped. Well, that is until today when Sia's makeup artist Tonya Brewer shared the exact shade of Sia's signature red lip.

Tonya, who you may remember as Maddie Ziegler, Ashley Tisdale, and Bella Thorne's makeup artist, took to her Instagram today to answer to of her most frequently asked questions. The first one was "does Sia show me her face," and it was answered with a blank space, which we'll take as a yes because, well, duh.

The second question was what all about Sia's red lipstick preferences.

Tonya revealed that the shade is MAC's Ruby Woo. Not only are we pretty psyched at the revelation, we find it crazy interesting that she opts for Ruby Woo, a cult-status, iconic matte hue in the beauty world. Celebs know it, bloggers know it, makeup artists know it.

You can find us at MAC stocking up—it truly is one of the best red lipsticks out there.