Wait, Do Men Hate Red Lipstick?

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Reading Byrdie's articles on what men think about current fashion, beauty, and interior design trends is my favorite. I find it so entertaining to hear what your everyday guy thinks about trends that women actually wear.

But this last article on date night makeup hit a nerve. Titled, "The Best Date Night Makeup, According to Real Men," guys rate three common date night looks, naming a winner at the end. Much to nobody's surprise, "The Girl Next Door" won, by a landslide, beating out "Bombshell" and "Classic".

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I understand date night—especially the first few dates—are in their own category, but I take issue with many of these men's statements.

One man touched on the fact that red lipstick gets on your teeth and that despite the fact that he does not care for red lipstick, his girlfriend continues to wear it. Another man insinuated lipstick was for the red carpet and he would feel underdressed if a woman showed up to a casual date with red lips. His comrades agreed the look was too formal, not sexy, and old fashioned. Finally, my personal favorite, one man commented that it's "tough to carry on a conversation" if a woman is wearing red lipstick on a date. He redeemed himself by stating he does like red lipstick in general, and that your date should be looking into your eyes, not at your lips.

Whew. For fellow champions of all lipstick, I know that was a lot to take in. I myself own around seven tubes of red, with probably two shades on my person at all times. I even wore red glitter lipstick once, so this is a big blow for me.

But to digress, it's time to return to the point of these articles, which is that they are mainly for entertainment. And I think Byrdie does a great job of making sure women know this is just a fun experiment, stating at the beginning of this particular article, "…not that his opinion means everything; we're just always curious about what goes on in the male brain."

Regardless, I have a few follow up comments and questions for these men:

  1. All lipstick gets on your teeth. It happens, even to the best of us, and just comes with the territory of wearing lipstick.
  2. Of course your girlfriend continues to wear it. If she stopped because you told her to, that would, in my eyes, be a huge problem.
  3. Red lipstick isn't always fancy. It's fun and easy to wear during the day and at night… Casually, even!
  4. When did red lipstick become a red carpet thing? The vast majority of women will never "walk a red carpet", so does that mean we're never allowed to "appropriately" wear red lipstick?
  5. Is wearing a statement lip really that distracting? Like so distracting that holding eye contact is difficult? I am genuinely curious.


A concerned lipstick addict

P.S. Until you (all of mankind) stop wearing cargo shorts, I will continue to wear red lipstick, whenever and however I please and would appreciate if you got on board.

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