The Voice is the gift that keeps on giving.
Clone of Ariana Grande Headshot Lead
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande's duet on The Voice finale was literally what we've been waiting for our entire lives. Two of our favorite pop divas with the most impressive vocal ranges doing a duet together!? It was almost too much to handle—almost. But let's take a break from obsessing over their performance and talk about their makeup for a minute.

We were so busy gaping at their performance that it wasn't until we saw Christina Aguilera's Instagram of the two of stars that we had time to focus on their looks. I don't think anyone was really surprised to see Ariana rocking an impeccably groomed ponytail, or to see Christina with an amazing blowout. But, we were surprised to see them glamming it out in matching shades of red lipstick. Plus, we love how their all black and all white outfits played off each other. Totally copying this look with our BFFs for next Halloween.