Holiday lipstick and nail polish pairings

Remember that nail vlogger who applied 116 coats of nail polish in one sitting? It was kind of gross and definitely not something we'd ask for at the salon, but also really mesmerizing. Vlogger @mayratouchofglam has hopped on the excessive application bandwagon as well, but this time with a video in which she applies 100 layers of liquid lipstick. She makes sure to note that this video is just for fun, so rest assured knowing that the cracked, caked-on lipstick look is not becoming a wearable trend. Interestingly enough, there's actually quite a few beauty vloggers out there testing this particular routine out—and their vids are circulating all over the web.

The results are exactly what you'd expect: equal parts horrifying and equal parts interesting. The best part of the entire video, though, is at the end when she starts removing the layers of lipstick. It's so satisfying to watch her spatula the thick mass off to reveal her natural lips again.

In similar beauty news, a few bloggers out there have taken the challenge to apply 100 layers of foundation. We don't even want to know how long that would take. We're just waiting for the 100 coats of mascara video to drop, now.