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Credit: lovepanache/instagram

Today's good news comes from across the Atlantic, and trust us when we say it'll have you cheering. We've always loved a good fashion campaign that promotes a healthy body image and body positivity, but this one is so much more.

A year ago Panache, a UK-based lingerie brand which also sells product in the U.S., started searching for models to front its fall 2016 campaign and asked the public to nominate women who have inspired them with their achievements.

Seven thousand nominees and 12 months later, Panache launched its new "Role Models" campaign with the six finalists that the public voted for, and they all deserve the utmost respect for the work that they do and accomplishments they've made.

Take Anja Loven, for example. In 2013, she sold everything she had in her native Denmark and moved to Nigeria to set up the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, that takes care of children abandoned by their families after being accused of witchcraft.

After her battle with ovarian cancer plus-size model Elly Mayday started giving talks about her inspiring story, as well as promoting body positive mentality. She was also featured in the documentary A Perfect 14, which highlights the lack of diverse body sizes in the media.

Sylvia Blach is an ambassador for disabled people in her native Poland. Her blog “Rozkosze umysłu” (Pleasures of the mind), inspires other wheelchair-bound women to follow their dreams and not let their disability define their life.

We told you! This is one of the most beautiful campaigns we've ever seen—PERIOD

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