Lilly Lashes
Credit: lillylashes/Instagram

Sure, those mile-long lashes the Kardashian-Jenner crew rock daily can probably be credited to a combination of genetics, mascara, or the occasional lash extension session, but that super-feathery effect couldn't truly be achieved without a set of Lilly Lashes. The variety of finishes combined with a sultry, evenly-spaced texture have solidified themselves a permanent spot in almost every makeup artist's kit, and even stars like Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera are fans. Of course, if Kim or Kylie get down with a beauty cause, so does the rest of the internet. Almost every blogger, influencer, or beauty-obsessed individual with access to Instagram has been wearing the line, with a new look gracing our timeline every time we hit the refresh button.

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So, what's the deal with Lilly Lashes? If you're an avid viewer of Shahs of Sunset, you're probably already familiar with the brand founder, Lilly Ghalichi. During her time on the show, Ghalichi was already established as a swimsuit designer—she partnered with her friend Jennifer Stano to launch their Have Faith Swimgerie line (you know, the category where lingerie meets swimwear). She eventually left Shahs to concentrate on other business endeavors, resulting in her own online makeup school, Ghalichi Glam, and the Lilly Lashes we all know and love. The lashes are made of either Mink, synthetic fibers, or 100% human hair depending on your preference, affixed to an invisible band, which makes them easier to work with or stack with another set. Head over to now to check out the entire range.