The budding supermodel talks about living up to her famous last name.
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Lila Moss
Credit: Zoey Grossman

It's only been a year since Lila Moss landed her first modeling gig as the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, but the daughter of '90s fashion icon Kate Moss is well on her way to becoming a supermodel in her own right.

After years of attending fashion shows as her mom's plus one, Lila is setting the foundation for her own modeling legacy. But while she might be a natural in front of the camera, her campaign for Marc Jacobs' newest product has her stepping out of her makeup comfort zone.

"I still haven’t fully mastered eyeliner application, but I’m practicing with these new eyeliners," she tells InStyle, referring to Marc Jacobs' Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner, which is the brand's cult-favorite gel pencil reborn as a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid-gel pen that comes in classic black, along with a handful of metallic shades. "They're much easier to use because the applicator is really good and it's smudge-proof." Plus, having Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials as your makeup artist for the campaign shoot helps, too, of course.

In September, we jumped on the phone with Lila in the midst of shooting her latest Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign and going to New York Fashion Week fittings to talk her favorite beauty products, the best modeling advice her mom has given her, and the pressures of living up to your famous last name.

Where do you get your beauty inspiration?

I get beauty inspiration from everywhere, but I mostly look to my friends or Instagram. I also love beauty bloggers. My favorite YouTuber is probably Summer McKeen because the makeup looks she does are quite natural, NikkieTutorials as well. I also enjoy watching how the makeup artists use different products while I'm on set. There was a thing they did once where they put tissue in my hair and curled it so it was more wavy instead of using tongs.

You got to work with NikkiTutorials on this Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign. What was that like?

I did my first-ever campaign with Marc Jacobs Beauty in 2018, so it just feels like a big family now. I have known some of these people, like Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs, for years and still feel so honored to be the face of Marc’s new launches. When I found out Nikkie would be doing my makeup for the shoot, I was so excited. I’ve followed her for so long and even got the chance to meet her in Paris a while ago. She’s so talented and funny, so that made this photo shoot super fun and relaxing.

What tips did you pick up from Nikkie on set?

The coolest thing I learned from her on set was how to create a double wing cat eye using the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner. I love trying new beauty techniques and this was something bold I had never done before. I will definitely try to perfect it for the holidays especially.

What's your typical makeup and skincare routine?

I like to keep my everyday look quite natural, so I mostly wear bronzer and mascara. The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer is my favorite. I'm really into skincare and interested in getting my skin to look as dewy as possible. For moisturizer, I use the Marc Jacobs Youthquake Moisturizer and cleanse with a micellar water.

What beauty tips have your shared with your mom, and what has she taught you?

I’ve taught her how apply highlighter in the right places. Once, I noticed she did it completely wrong, so I had to correct it. She's shown me the best way to curl my eyelashes. She’s always used an eyelash curler, and I used to be so scared to do it.

Tell me her secret!

Start right at the bottom rather than in the middle so that the whole lash gets curled.

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What modeling advice has your mom given you?

Before shooting my first campaign, she told me, “Listen and do what they tell you to do.” It was intimidating, but it was amazing to know that I could trust Marc and the creative team. But I think the best lesson she has taught me is to “work hard, be polite to everyone I meet, and to always make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you’re doing.”

A lot of today's top models are the children of supermodels or celebrities. How are you inspired by them?

Girls like Kaia Gerber, or Gigi and Bella Hadid are great examples. They are inspired by their mom’s legacies, but have shown that they each have different and separate paths from their parents. Even though we might carry the same last name, we have to work hard to gain trust and respect in the industry. In the end, we just want to make our parents proud.