Leslie Mann Shares What Products She Has Stood Behind For 20 Years

Mann may eventually give up on trying to dye her hair from home, but she will never let go of her beloved Dior power.

Leslie Mann
Photo: Courtesy Jillian Dempsey

Actress Leslie Mann is a master for at-home beauty rituals and has been experimenting with products since before her daughters were born. Now, she enjoys sharing this aspect of life with her kids even if a designer lipstick or two go missing. Looking for a quick laugh? Mann has a secret obsession that is sure to make you smile.

How are you and everyone in your house doing? We are OK; we're healthy. But it's been like an emotional roller coaster.

Where do you turn when you want to feel good and put a smile on your face, even if it's just for a moment?

That's a tough one right now. Watching cat videos on Instagram, I swear. They always make me smile. I've been doing it way more lately. We got a cat, Honey, a year ago and then got another, Pumpkin, a few months later. Honey has his own Instagram, @honey_apatow. They sleep on our heads and cuddle with us.

Leslie Mann
Courtesy Leslie Mann

If you're staying home, are you the type who does her hair and puts on a lip, or are you more low-key?

Hmm, I'm in the middle. I'm not doing anything to my hair because it's a nightmare. There's nothing I can do but pull it back. Now I have grays.

Have you taken the matter into your own hands?

Yes, I did! My colorist, Tracey Cunningham, sent out little kits that tone down grays, but the color only lasts for two weeks. It's made my hair really dark, and the grays don't grab the color like the rest of my hair, so it doesn't look great. But Tracey knows better than to send me real hair dye. About every three years I think I can do my hair; I dye it and it always turns orange. But I forget after every single time and do it again.

How important is it to have a sense of humor about beauty?

[My daughter] Maude and I like to have fun with our Jergens commercials and try not to be irritating to watch. It's just fun being with Maude and doing those with her. And my daughter Iris is super-funny too.

Leslie Mann
Courtesy Jillian Dempsey

What's the last thing they both swiped from you?

They're always taking my things. Iris is constantly stealing my red lipsticks. The red Hermès lipstick is so beautiful. Where did it go... I bet Iris stole it. It's definitely in her room. This week Iris, Maude, and I had a beauty day. I dyed the eyebrows of all three of us, and they look pretty! I've paid the price for overplucking. So now my girls and all their friends have good eyebrows because of me.

You have amazing skin. Are you a secret facialist, slathering on layers of creams every night?

I'm looking in my bathroom right now. I always do toner — I think I've been brainwashed to believe I have to use one. I love Beautycounter's overnight resurfacing peel; it's gentle. People say to use retinol, but every time I start, it irritates my skin. Also, if you [mix] the Jergen's shea-butter deep-conditioning moisturizer and the coconut moisturizer, it's a game changer. Using that after a shower makes my skin glowy.

Do you remember the first crazy-expensive beauty product you ever bought?

Yes. I must have been 21, and I got Christian Dior loose powder. I don't know how much it was, but I still have it. It's in my hand right now. Is that weird? The gross thing is that I've used it within the last year.

Well, we all have those favorites we can't part with...

But are they over 20 years old? I have loose powder that is 25 years old. I definitely have you beat.

Leslie's Must Haves

Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer and Oil-Infused Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer

Leslie Mann
Courtesy Jergens

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La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Leslie Mann
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Sisley-Paris Floral Toning Lotion

Leslie Mann
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Beautycounter Counter+ Resurfacing Peel

Leslie Mann
Courtesy Beautycounter

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