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It's almost the end of the year, we're all tired and every day is pretty much a struggle to get through. We hear you. And you know what? When it comes to needing some peace and quiet after a long day at work, celebs are just like us.

So tonight when you go home, do yourself a favor and take some well deserved 'me time' à la Lea Michele. Why like Lea, you ask? Well, we don't have to tell you that if there is a celeb whose healthy lifestyle should inspire us all to live our best lives that's exactly the former Glee star. I mean just look at her abode—it's the ultimate Zen space. And with her busy schedule, we are sure she knows a thing or two about home pampering.

The actress/singer took to Instagram to reveal her favorite products that put her in a calm state of mind. They are all from LA's House of Intuition, a store "dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth."

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Among Michele's picks—a bath scrub for glowing skin, Gardenia and Violet waters to use in your bath, and a bath bomb. HOI's products are, of course, all organic.

*places an online order* Looks like we all have a new Wednesday night ritual?