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Underarm Detox
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You can get a skincare treatment for just about every part of your body these days, and it certainly isn't a bad thing. Thanks to products like scalp scrubs and foot masks, you can actually have an entire head-to-toe routine with no area overlooked.

For the underarm area in particular, Lavanila is expanding on their natural deodorant range with an Underarm Detox Mask ($26; sephora.com). Yes, you're reading that right—a mask designed specifically for your armpits. Who knew we'd ever need one, right?

Lavanila Underarm Detox Mask
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If, like us, you're trying to wean yourself off of aluminum-based deodorants for a natural formula, this organic formula can help to ease the transition. Designed to help detox your underarm area of any aluminum buildup, ingredients like active charcoal, silica, and malic acid bind to dirt, bacteria, excess oil, and of course, aluminum, and gently coax them out. Aside from giving your armpits a deep clean, you may also notice a more even color after extended use.

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Following your shower, simply squeeze a small amount of mask out of the tube, then use the brush attachment to apply an even layer to both underarms. After you let the mask work its magic for about five minutes, you can rinse it off with water, and stick to using it once or twice a week depending on what you're feeling.

Better yet, throughout the month of October, a portion of the $26.00 sticker price will go toward organizations raising awareness for breast cancer. Talk about a beautiful cause.