You Have 5 Days to Get a Top-Rated $100 Tooth Whitening Kit for Just $9

It’s a no-brainer purchase. 

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You Have 5 Days to Get a Top Rated $100 Tooth Whitening Kit for $9
Photo: Laughland

If you neglected your mouth during the last two years, you're not alone. Visually, it became the least important part of your face (and arguably even body) to focus on. If you were closely following COVID-19 safety measures, your social interactions probably involved a few pieces of fabric shielding your mouth and nose.

Unlike brushing your teeth, which is necessary for oral hygiene, whitening your teeth is simply a bonus for which there is no motivation when no one is seeing your pearly whites. But as society essentially reopens, you may suddenly be registering what the years of coffee, red wine, and diet coke have done to your teeth. Between that and Laughland's two-year anniversary sale, there has literally never been a better time to start your tooth whitening journey.

Laughland is a young oral cosmetics company with essentially two products: an at-home tooth whitening kit and on-the-go whitening pens. The Laughland At-Home Whitening Kit is impressive — in a study verified by a clinical testing inspection company, participants reported a 74 percent increase in the brightness of their teeth. All of the participants also agreed that there was a noticeable improvement.

At-Home Whitening Kit

Shop now: $9 (Originally $100);

Those are good stats, but the price tag is normally $100, which can put an end to these dreams of brighter teeth. From April 1 to 7, the "unexpectedly great" Laughland At-Home Whitening Kit will be discounted to just $9 for new customers — that's a 91 percent discount.

There are three formula options: everyday, super strength, and gentle. If you don't know which one is most suitable for you, there is a 20-second quiz that will send you in the right direction. Regardless of which one you choose, Laughland prides itself on not causing any increased sensitivity, so your teeth are in good hands. For less than $10, you can get a brighter smile and a boost of confidence as you potentially return to a world of socializing. Head to Laughland to get the whitening kit for just $9 from April 1 until April 7.

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