19 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop and Support Now and Always

You're going to love them.

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop and Support Now and Always

Tata Harper/ Eauso Vert/ Ceremonia

As with all dedicated months, such as Black History Month and AAPI Heritage Month, the point is to spotlight and celebrate those communities while committing to learning and supporting them year-round.

So from September 15 to October 15, we highlight the Latinx community for Hispanic Heritage Month. Yes, this means learning about the many colorful traditions and cultures that make up the Latinx diaspora — it also means supporting them with your spending dollars.

If you're in the market for a new beauty product or two, consider shopping from one of the many Latinx-owned beauty brands. Some are modern-day classics, such as Ceremonia and Rare Beauty, while others are hidden gems worth discovering, such as Valdé and Nopalera. There is everything from skincare and makeup to fragrance and haircare, so whether you're looking for something to help you achieve glowing skin or bouncy curls, there's something out there for you.

Here, find 19 of InStyle's favorite Latinx-owned beauty brands.

You can thank us later.


ceremonia leave-in conditioner


To shop: $24; ceremonia.com

Rooted in Latinx culture, this is one of the most delicious-smelling haircare brands on the market. Founder Babba Rivera says Ceremonia was inspired by the rituals she grew up with and gave it a modern, more sustainable twist. Every product is infused with natural ingredients found in Latin America, from blue agave extract to the guava fruit extract found in this award-winning leave-in conditioner.


eauso vert


To shop: $165; eauso.com

Co-founded by Tanya Gonzalez and Faye Harris, EAUSO VERT reimagines sustainable fragrances with this high-end, clean line. All the perfume caps are made of a compostable light natural wood  and a patented cork inner system to avoid using plastic or glue. Plus the brand sends every customer a pre-paid return label to ship your bottle back to them so they can properly recycle the rest. They also use green chemistry, which according the brand, " places an emphasis around energy efficiency, the use of renewable raw ingredients and the avoidance of hazardous materials." Buy one (or more!) of its current five fragrances.




To shop: $14; nopalera.co

Sandra Velasquez founded Nopalera as a way to celebrate her Mexican culture. All the products use the nopal cactus as one of their ingredients, as the plant is sustainable, nourishing, and versatile.


tresluce la flor de mexico


To shop: $30; treslucebeauty.com

Becky G wasn't playing around when she launched her cosmetics brand during the pandemic — everything she does, she does damn well. The brand offers everything from lip glosses and lashes to brushes and pallets, including this one called "La Flor de Mexico." Of it, she previously told InStyle, "It's inspired by Mexico — it has the national flower, national bird, and the agave. It's just hypnotic and gorgeous."

Lights Lacquer

lights lacquer


To shop: $11; lightslacquer.com

Kathleen Fuentes, the Cuban-American influencer popularly known as Kathleenlights, created Lights Lacquer as an extension of her creative and entrepreneurial spirit and as a way to further express her love for all things beauty. The brand offers a wide variety of nail polishes and accessories, lip glosses, press-ons, and more.

Rare Beauty

rare beauty blush


To shop: $20; rarebeauty.com

Rare Beauty is one of the celebrity brands that has transcended its famous founder's name thanks to its first-in-class products. One of such is this liquid blush which took TikTok by the storm thanks to its highly pigmented formula. What's more, every time you support Rare Beauty, one percent of all sales go to the Rare Impact Fund, which Selena Gomez started to increase access to mental health services in educational settings.

Joaquina Botanica

joaquina botanica


To shop: $45; joaquinabotanica.com

Inspired by her Colombian roots, Giovanna Campagna set out to create a brand using the leading, clinically-proven clean skincare ingredients. Everything about its products and messaging is intentional, including the name of the brand — Joaquina — as she named it after her great grandmother who founded one of the first apothecaries in Colombia.




To shop: $63; gloryscent.com

As an Afro-Latina, Rafaela Gonzalez grew up thinking that Eurocentric characteristics were the ideal form of beauty, so a big part of her natural hair journey was deeply rooted on self-love and discovery. Through that experience, she began to create products for herself and share them with other — that's how Gloryscent came about.

Spice Beauty



To shop: $58; spicebeauty.com

Founder Brenda Sandoval discovered the healing benefits of CBD after looking for natural solutions to help ease the pain she felt after wearing high heels. That inspired Spice Beauty's first product, the Heel Stick, and set the rest of the brand up for success. All its products contain 500mg of organic and THC-free CBD. So, if you're looking to unwind after a long day, don't think twice before adding Spice's Bath Salts to your warm tub.

Rizos Curls

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $62; rizoscurls.com

If you have curls, only trust them with other people with curls — that goes for your stylist and your products. Lucky for us, Rizos Curls founder Julissa Prado is major #curlgoals, and The Rizos Curls Trio makes cleansing your hair and scalp, while protecting your curls, easy. We also love how transparent the brand is about the ingredients in each product.


latinx owned beauty brands

To shop:
$39; overtskincare.co

Pervuian-inspired skincare brand Overt is more than meets the eye, and its The Brightener vitamin C serum is one of them. It packs 20% of stabilized vitamin C into a lightweight serum and leaves skin glowing like a bright sunny day. The icing on the cake? The brand donates 10% of their annual profits to Anti-Slavery International to fight global slavery and human trafficking.

Besame Cosmetics

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $58; besamecosmetics.com

Besame Cosmetics is known for its retro-inspired, long-wearing products that are made sustainably in California by founder Gabriela Hernanez and her family. The new Vanishing Cream preps skin for makeup by leaving a smooth, hydrated, matte canvas that almost looks airbrushed before any makeup is even applied.

Solsis Beauty

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $17; solsisbeauty.com

Founder JoJo Arias puts giving back at the core of her brand by supporting various non-profits that focus on underserved communities, so your money is always going to a good cause. If you're unsure where to start, its Havana Lipstick is a universal coral that looks good on every skin tone — and it's both vegan and cruelty-free.

Honest Beauty

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $15; target.com

Every woman needs a five-minute makeup routine in her back pocket, and a solid option is Honest Beauty's Magic Beauty Balm Stick. Celebrity founder Jessica Alba makes sure all Honest's products live up to the highest of clean standards at affordable pricing, so you know that just a couple swipes of this moisturizing, shimmery cream around your cheeks, brows, and nose will leave you looking lit from within.

Tata Harper

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $120; tataharperskincare.com

Dark circles are hard to get rid of. but Colombian beauty expert Tata Harper knows. So, she created the brand's cult-classic Illuminating Eye Cream is made with real diamond dust, along with organically farmed lavender, arnica, and plenty of hydrating botanicals. Of course, this is only one of the dozens of natural luxury skincare products of the brand, so make sure to check them all out.


latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $15; elaluz.com

Camila Coelho knows a thing or two about being camera-ready at all times, which is why she started her beauty brand Elaluz. Banish cold weather-induced dry lips with Elaluz 24k Lip Therapy, a conditioning balm that drenches the lips in fruit butters, oils, and, oh, 24k gold. It's also gluten, cruelty and fragrance-free, as well as vegan, and leaping bunny and EWG-verified clean.

Elba Vegan Skincare

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $13; elbaveganskincare.com

We love a good multi-tasking facial mist to add hydration after applying makeup, so why not used a Latinx-owned natural option? Spritzing on Elba Vegan Skincare's Antioxidant + Hydrating Face Mist is like giving your skin a perky spray of fresh fruit — sans the stickiness of, you know, actually doing that.

Brujita Skincare

latinx owned beauty brands

To shop: $27; brujitaskincare.com

Brujita Skincare is all about reconnecting communities to the earth, which is why mineral-rich clays are used in all its products. One of its standouts — The Brujita Cucumber Watermelon AHA Jelly Mask — is our favorite, as it has a consistency that's thinner than most jellies, is cooling and has a tingly effect (thanks to its aloe vera, cucumber, and AHA mix). It make for an interesting experience for even the prolific mask users among us — and the results are impressive as well. After use, the skin is soft, soothed, clearer, and brighter.

Valdé Beauty

Latinx Owned Beauty Brands

To shop: Starting at $199; valdebeauty.com

Founder and Latinx immigrant Margarita Arriagada created a clean lipstick that is deeply pigmented and made without 50 ingredients regularly found in traditional formulas. The Armor + Lip Set is a beauty investment I predict will soon reach cult status. Each tube of lipstick can be placed in a gold-dipped, zinc alloy case (or 'armor') encrusted with wings, and it can be engraved for a final opulent touch.

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