By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jun 06, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

I've always considered applying false eyelashes an impossible task. It was never going to happen for me. I marvel at anyone who can manage to put them on without the strip peeling off in minutes, let alone have them look somewhat decent. I'm not nearly the only one that thinks most false lashes are notoriously difficult to use and unnatural-looking, though. And because of that common belief, false lash brands are constantly innovating in attempt to create a foolproof system that anyone can use.

In my opinion, most fall flat, but there's one new system out there that's changed my mind (and apparently a ton of celebrity makeup artists') about false lashes. It goes by the name of Lashify.


It's likely the most natural-looking false lash system you've ever seen, not to mention the easiest to use. It was founded by a woman named Sahara Lotti who felt like there was a major void in the market and was sick of dealing with the damage of constant extension applications.

She spent three years creating a patented system complete with a custom application tool, a bonding product, a finishing coat, and most importantly, lashes.

Since its launch this year, it's already secured the attention and praise of celebrity makeup artist Matin, who works with stars like Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes, as well as Jamie Greenberg, the longtime makeup artist of Kaley Cuoco.

"I'm obsessed! It's the most natural-looking lash system on earth," Matin told us of Lashify.

What sets it apart from the rest is the incredibly light and natural lashes, formally named Gossamer lashes. Available in three different styles, they're actually designed to fit underneath the lashes, as opposed to on top of them. Because they fit underneath your natural lashes, there are absolutely no seams, so no one is able to tell them apart from your real eyelashes.

They're applied using a bonding glue and an application tool that is specifically shaped to safely reach this tight area. After you apply the lashes, you lock them in place using a sealer included in the kit. Greenberg actually created an entire YouTube video to show how easy it is to use. You can watch her demo above.

The four-piece kit retails for $125, but if you plan on wearing eyelashes every single day, you can sign up for a $40-a-month membership. Matin recently used the lashes on Claire Danes, and also used them on Cynthia Nixon for a magazine cover.

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Who knows, maybe this is one beauty skill I can finally master. Never say never.