This Viral, Vegan Fragrance Oil Is So Good, Shoppers Say They Constantly Get Compliments

They also say it’s the “best scent ever.”

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Viral, Vegan Rollerball Fragrance
Photo: Courtesy/ Lake and Sky

There are a lot of things that can cause a headache, but one thing that definitely shouldn't be a reason for temple aches and pains is perfume. Regardless, some people are incredibly sensitive to smells, which can turn what should be a beautiful, sensory-igniting experience into real pain. Literally.

But the internet has found a solution — a sort of cure for a fragrance-induced headache, if you will. If you thought you'd have to give up wearing perfume altogether, you might want to try Lake & Skye's viral 11 11 fragrance oil that even shoppers prone to headaches say they can stand wearing for hours on end.

The 11 11 Rollerball Fragrance Oil isn't your average fragrance oil. It smells wonderful, that's a given, as its scent includes a simple mix of white ambers and musk, but according to so many shoppers, it does more than just smell good; it actually enhances one's mood — and that's probably because the oil is inspired by the teachings of Kundalini yoga.

"I'm sensitive to many perfumes so I've started looking [for] essential-oil based fragrances, but most of them are kind of boring and lack nuance," wrote one shopper. "This fragrance is lovely and has more than one note… I really feel like this lifts my mood when I put it on."

Rollerball Fragrance

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Plenty of other reviewers echoed this sentiment, and so many also mentioned that though they're prone to headaches or nausea when they wear perfume, the subtle 11 11 scent doesn't have the effect.

"It lasts forever and is ambiguous enough to be worn by either myself or my husband," wrote another shopper. "It isn't super potent, so I love it because it doesn't give me headaches, nor is it so strong I smell it all day."

"I was always someone who struggled to wear perfumes — most make me nauseous," mentioned one review. "This one is a dream come true. If you like musks, this may be for you too. I get compliments every time I wear it."

As for the smell? One shopper sums it up perfectly: "Youthful, clean, sexy, comforting, slightly sweet but crisp, mellow… It's definitely not overpowering. Sometimes I don't smell it at all, but others do. I absolutely love it."

Shop the 11 11 rollerball for a subtle but sexy scent that'll enhance your mood and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of noses.

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