Kombucha - Lead
Credit: Dan Root

The super-low alcohol percentage won't take the edge off your day quite like a glass of wine, but a bottle of kombucha packs way more benefits than a can of soda, or your daily venti latte. "Kombucha can provide the carbonation and sweetness people like about soda in a healthy way," says Matt Thomas, CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha. "We use real, whole ingredients, and less sugar, and the probiotic content helps to improve gut health and detoxification." In lieu of a sugar crash, the probiotics and organic acids give your immune system a boost by flushing out the free radicals, and stopping the spread of infection-causing bacteria. Though kombucha doesn't contain as much caffeine as your regular Starbucks order—Brew Dr. Kombucha's black and green tea-based blends contain about 15 mg. of caffeine per bottle—it's an alternative if you're attempting to wean yourself off of the stuff, or want a mid-afternoon increase in energy that won't leave you awake at three in the morning.

When your gut health and immune system are in good shape, it's only natural that your hair, skin, and nails start to follow suit. "Probiotics are thought to work in part by displacing the unhealthy bacteria, and stimulating the release of anti-inflammatory proteins. When your immune system is happy and healthy, your body is able to devote more resources into building stronger and healthier skin, nails, and hair," Thomas adds. "Kombucha supports a healthier gut environment, and the body is more likely to develop more beneficial, naturally-occuring vitamins." Thomas cites vitamin K, which helps to block calcium deposits in your skin's elastin fibers that ultimately lead to wrinkles, and vitamin B12, which aids cell reproduction. It's pretty much a do-it-all health and beauty potion with a refreshing tea flavor, which Coke Zero has yet to claim.