This Bath Was Made Specifically for All Those Hot, Steamy Days

It sounds like a trick, but I assure you it's not.

Bath Tub
Photo: Getty

You know those days where it's so hot that you feel like you can't do anything, let alone fathom the idea of a hot bath? Yes, I'm sure by now you are all too familiar with that phenomenon. Even as a bath enthusiast, taking a long soak in a warm tub in weather that is hovering in near 100 degrees is a little daunting, if not unappealing.

I mean, why make yourself sweat even more? Agreed.

If you're living in Dante's Inferno, you will want something a little more cooling. And guess what? Kneipp has made a cooling bath a reality, and I am so (like so, so, so, so) obsessed. What is it exactly? Well, it's called the stay cool mineral salt bath, and it is divine.

It's the purest of thermal spring salts mixed with mint oil and menthol. No additives, just a divinely refreshing experience. And, did I mention it turns your bath water turquoise?! That isn't just fun—it also adds to the cooling atmosphere. It's almost like the clear blue water evokes the feeling of a crystal clear ocean, and with that, you're whole body exhales. You'll steep in your chilled out tub and emerge feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever else the heat can throw your way.

This bath will be available in the US in a few weeks time, perfectly coordinated for when it is boiling outside. You can anticipate August will be a lot more pleasant with this gem in your arsenal.

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