This Shampoo Leaves Shoppers' Hair "Unbelievably" Soft, Silky, and Full

"I was looking to add shine to my older, dulling hair. This worked wonders."

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This Shampoo Leaves Shoppers' Hair "Unbelievably" Soft, Silky, and Full
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Regardless of where you stand on the "skinimalism" to "this is my therapy" product use spectrum, most people need a good shampoo to keep hair feeling its best. And if you're looking to get the most bang for your buck from the ritual, shoppers love the effects of Klorane's Detox Shampoo With Aquatic Mint.

Full disclosure, I'm a skeptic when it comes to most "detox" claiming products. According to the brand, the shampoo's ingredients "detoxify, purify, and protect hair and scalp from pollution, heavy metals, ozone and cigarette smoke," based on the capabilities of aquatic mint. Working with China's Tsinghua University School of Environment, Klorane's Botanical Foundation found the plant can clean polluted air and block the development of toxic algae in water, and per the brand's studies, the shampoo remedies the hair-damaging effects of pollution. On the flip side, its formula also includes PEGs and ethoxylated compounds, which form 1,4-dioxane as a manufacturing byproduct, so I'm inclined to call it even.

"Detox" notwithstanding, people truly love the shampoo's impact on their strands. "My hair has really improved. It feels silkier and fuller and it smells amazing," wrote a reviewer whose scalp "feels much better" with the minty rinse. Other fans said it's the best non-stripping cleanser they've ever tried and it leaves hair "unbelievably" soft — even for those with frizz that usually refuses to listen to reason.


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The formula comes with an added benefit for customers with "older, dulling" hair, too: Multiple users dealing with the effects of age said it "works wonders" for resupplying shine and brightening coarse, dry grays. "Before I used this, I just assumed I had ugly grays, but my undyed roots look white (not dingy yellow) now," wrote a different fan, who added that it also cut down on shedding. "It's so pretty that I've decided to embrace my grays."

Myriad reviewers also rave about the scent's refreshing, minty zing. InStyle senior beauty editor Pia Velasco uses the collection's dry shampoo at least twice a week after workouts since it "smells SO good and does the job." In the same vein, the regular shampoo leaves one shopper's hair so clean, their hair looks and smells fresh four days after washing. And a last person dealing with dullness and fading from hard water said it completely negated the effects, and made their hair color bright and "so shiny."

Looking for a delightful-smelling shampoo to add shine? Give the Klorane Detox Shampoo With Aquatic Mint a whirl for $20.

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