This Hair-Thickening Spray Fills Out Thin Hairlines Within Weeks

No wonder dermatologists recommend it.

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This French Hair-Fortifying Spray Minimizes Shedding for Thicker Hair, According to Shoppers
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Thickening hair products that really work are a precious commodity, but the results you see overwhelmingly depend on how reliably you stick to your routine. If you end each day exhausted and willing to go through to a five-minute beauty regimen at most, a hair volumizing spray is your best bet — and given that a few spritzes of Klorane's Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray gives shoppers impressive results, there's no power lost from the low-time investment.

The Fortifying Spray stuns shoppers with both short- and long-term results: "Immediately thickens my hair and gives [it] tons of body," writes one person. "No gooey build-up, very lightweight texture. [I] highly recommend, especially for thin hair." The change it delivers is so significant that shoppers remember their experience with it for years, a boon when life hits and thinning hair rears its head again.

According to board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and hair loss expert Dr. Michele Green, the spray's success comes from its plant-based mix of vitamin B, keratin, and caffeine, as well as its lack of parabens and sulfates — which Green notes may indirectly worsen hair thinning and loss by triggering irritation or contact dermatitis. "This spray is packed with vitamins that strengthen and nourish hair, as well as keratin, which revitalizes the hair. Keratin is the protein that essentially forms the structure of hair, promoting healthy, beautiful growth," she says.

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Green continues: "When hair lacks keratin, it may become frizzy, dry, split, or damaged. By replenishing lost keratin with a spray like Klorane's, hair can regain some strength and continue to grow thicker and healthier." The Fortifying Spray's formula includes a quartet of B vitamins — biotin, niacin, pyridoxine, and pantothenic acid — which Green says also contribute to hair's strength, shine, fullness, growth, and overall health. "B vitamins can be counted on to deliver essential nutrients to the hair and scalp that combat hair thinning and promote healthy, thick, luscious hair growth."

She notes that stress, hormones, diet, genetics, and styling can exacerbate hair thinning, so while cutting back on stress and hot tools would be ideal, it's not always doable (especially in pandemic times). We can't do much about genetics, either, which is where the benefits of topical caffeine come into play.

"The reason caffeine is so beneficial for treating hair thinning and loss is because it can help to block the effects of the hormone DHT," Green says of caffeine's growth-stimulating impact. "DHT is a large contributor to hormonal hair loss, and has been found to cause the hair follicles to shrink and weaken. By combatting the effects of DHT, caffeine can help strengthen hair follicles and promote a healthy, strong scalp and hair."

Caffeine also boosts blood circulation to the scalp, she says, and an increased amount of circulation equates to increased internal nutrient flow. Long science short, just like your morning coffee is pep in a cup, caffeine provides a chemistry-backed hair growth boost. And shoppers are amazed at the combined effect, one writing: "It's the best thing I have ever come across for hair loss. It works magic."

"My hair feels so much stronger just after the first few uses. As someone who gets a lot of fallout when I wash and comb my hair, this product helps so much," writes another shopper of the spray, and another says that when used with the whole Klorane Strengthening and Revitalizing line, they saw results that made other thickeners pale in comparison in just one week. "To say this stuff is [nothing] short of amazing is an understatement."

Thanks to the spray's soothing ingredients, others say their scalps itch less, and people with fine, fragile hair write that they're receiving compliments like never before. As one reviewer attests, "Amazingly, this fortifying spray has given my hair fullness and life. Dare I say my gray tresses even shine? I am loving my hair now!"

Try it for yourself, and wait for your drain to put a thank-you note in the mail.

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