The Next KKW Beauty Product Won't Go on Your Face

High alert for everyone with the goal of expanding their KKW Beauty collection: Kim Kardashian just teased what might be the next product, and spoiler alert, it has nothing to do with your contour and highlight routine.

Earlier today, the star posted a shot of white orchids to her Instagram, which she captioned, "Gardenia." This, of course, didn't raise any suspicion at first. We sort of figured she got a flower arrangement and accidentally referred to the wrong bloom—that is, until we noticed that she tagged the KKW Fragrance account in the photo. Back in June, she raised suspicion when she Snapchatted a few fragrance samples, and the creation of the new Instagram account only confirms the scent is happening—at some point, anyway.

For your author personally, this came as thrilling news. Confession time: The Kim Kardashian original fragrance is probably one of the only celebrity scents I wear, and I get an insane amount of compliments on it whenever I decide to break it out. It's always a little weird when people ask what it is, and according to Kim herself, it was weird for her as well. She was my first big celebrity interview back when I was an intern, and we talked about the fragrance.

"It has this creamy gardenia note, which is why I think it's one of those scents you can wear from day to night," she told me. "People will sometimes ask me what it is, so it's kind of awkward when I'm like, um, it's Kim Kardashian."

The launch date and accompanying notes have yet to be revealed, but if it's anywhere near as addictive as the OG scent (which I'm banking it will likely be), I'll probably be duking it out with the rest of the Internet for a bottle once the time comes.

Stay tuned to Kim K's social feeds for more news as it develops.

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