By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Mar 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am
Credit: KKW Beauty / Instagram

After chatting with Kim Kardashian West on the phone, I finally felt understood. Well, at least when it comes to my dark under-eye circles. They've been a chronic issue since I was in high school, and have nothing to do with a lack of sleep or my diet. I eat my veggies, and I clock almost eight hours a night. It’s just a part of my DNA, and apparently Kim Kardashian’s, too.

"I feel like under-eye concealer has always been such a struggle for me because I have such dark eye circles," Kardashian told me on the phone. "It’s genetic, and there’s nothing I can do about it." Nothing, besides formulating an incredibly innovative, three-step KKW Beauty concealer system that completely masked my dark circles.

Three steps seems strangely extensive and a little tedious for applying concealer, but it's the reason that Kardashian always looks so bright-eyed and alive, even though she basically lives on an airplane and has to care for three kids under the age of five.

The kit includes a liquid concealer, two brushes, a baking powder, and a brightening powder, which Kardashian has said is truly the secret to looking awake. The $18 liquid concealers come in 16 different shades, and you can buy them separately. The powders both come in four different skin tone options, and you can buy them individually, too. But if you want the full effect, you should follow the celebrity's detailed instructions and invest in the whole $80 bundle. After you see my before-and-after pics, you'll realize it's worth every single penny.

Credit: Victoria Moorhouse

First, you blend in the lightweight and creamy concealer. If you're a fan of NARS Creamy Concealer, you'll love Kardashian's take. Then, you take a brush and pat on the baking powder, sweeping the excess away. The final step is to dust the brightening powder under your eyes. Kardashian told me it's always been her secret weapon for creating the perfect under eye.

I immediately fell in love with the liquid concealer because it wasn't cakey, blended easily, and didn't settle into the creases under my eyes. Full disclosure: I didn't think the brightening powder was going to make that much of a difference because the concealer worked so well, but I was shocked at how it lit up my face and drew attention to my eyes.

My only critique? I wish concealer started with a "k." What a lost opportunity for alliteration.