This New Clean Mascara Stayed Put Through 12-Hour Days, Sweaty Evenings, and Even a Nap

To say I’m impressed is an understatement.

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Kjaer Weis Mascara Review
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In theory, clean beauty sounds great. But as hard as I've tried to "clean up" what's in my makeup bag, there's one product that's nearly been impossible to find: mascara. My mom, sister, and I have all shared our annoyances over the hunt for a good clean mascara. We have all of our other favorite natural products in check, but if you glanced into our bathroom drawers you'd find our coveted Covergirl, Maybelline, and L'Oréal tubes. Clearly, the search has been wildly unsuccessful — see: ruined contact lenses, streaky messes, burning eyes — until now.

Shimmying into my lineup in a bright red tube was Kjaer Weis' Im-Possible Mascara, a high-performing formula that happens to be certified organic, too. To be honest, I was a hardcore skeptic, but after several long days and an accidental nap wearing it, I'm a believer.

Im-Possible Mascara

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The biggest bone I have to pick with clean mascara is how much I've found it flakes and smudges. What's the point of putting some on when it all just falls off five minutes later? Kjaer Weis' new formula does nothing of the sort. I expected streaks after a few twelve-hour days or even some gentle smearing after a packed weekend, but upon returning home, my eyelashes were still fanned out and lifted.

Though, what impressed me the most was when I accidentally fell asleep in the mascara (whoops). I'm a stomach sleeper and despite being pressed into the pillow for two hours in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, I woke up to find my lashes perfectly intact. Magic? Possibly.

It could also be the ingredients. The mascara is made up of beeswax, carnauba wax, and acacia gum to keep your lashes sky-high and looking full. And I was surprised that it gave me a very similar effect to the old faithful formula I normally turn to (with a less than stellar ingredient list). This is what separates the mascara from the other formulas the brand has launched; it's not just lengthening or volumizing — this little beauty can do both with its double-sided wand.

The composition isn't too shabby when it comes to actually nourishing your lashes either, instead of leaving them high and dry once the mascara comes off. You'll find raspberry fruit water there to rejuvenate your lashes, sunflower seed oil to stop breakage, and marula oil, which has moisturizing and protective properties that have been backed by a study.

To sweeten the deal, the mascara is also far more sustainable than what you're picking up from the drugstore. Like Kjaer Weis' other mascaras and beauty products, you can order refills for your tube for an earth-friendlier choice. All around, I've found you can't really lose with this mascara.

So believe me when I say a clean, organic mascara that won't be all over your face as soon as you walk out the door actually exists. Shop the new launch from Kjaer Weis and join us drugstore-to-cleaner-beauty converts.

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