This $10 Lip Plumper Is Sending TikTok Into a Frenzy — and It's Available on Amazon

It’s being called the “Mona Lisa” of lip products.

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Kissio Lip Plumper
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If you're on the same side of TikTok as me, meaning every other video is a beauty product review or the dog that we watch to see if he has "bones" that day, then you've probably come across creator Mikayla Noguiera. You can't not trust her with her honest reviews and skillful makeup application. So, when she reviewed a $10 lip plumper on Amazon, a video that garnered over 3.3 million likes, you know it sent beauty lovers into a frenzy.

We can thank Kylie Jenner for popularizing injecting and overlining our lips, but what if there was an affordable, one-stop-shop product to achieve that pout? Amazon customers rave that the Derol Lip Plumper could be just that.

Infused with natural ginger extract, peppermint oil, and moisturizing vitamin E, the formula is made to visibly plump and soften your lips, sans needle. However, it is not without the familiar burning sensation that lip plumpers provide. Noguiera warns her 8.2 million followers to not get this product on your tongue because it definitely works. However, some shoppers swear the burning is minimal compared to other products they've tried, so it's up to you and your pain tolerance to decide.

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After a few minutes of Noguiera sweating under the burning sensation, she remarks that she loves the shine. She ends the clip with a short yet effective, "Yup, it works."

But don't just take Nogueira's word for it: Amazon shoppers have a lot to say about this plumper. Among the 1,400 five-star ratings, customers said they got the most for their money with this product, with one even stating that "this is a better product than the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Plumping Gloss."

"This right here is the Mona Lisa of lip plumpers," another wrote. This reviewer noted that they had stopped using the product once they got lip injections, but they admitted they saw no difference between the two. If needles and Juvederm aren't your cup of tea, then a quick swipe of this lip wand could be a (nearly) pain-free alternative.

Apply the gloss as a moisturizing base and wait for it to dry to achieve a matte pout. Or swipe it on over your lipstick for a glossy finish. No matter how you wear it, the 5.5 ml bottle is easily transportable, so you can take it on the go for midday touch-ups.If it's good enough for makeup queen Mikayla Noguiera, it's good enough for me. Be sure to snag this lip plumper on Amazon before TikTok sells out yet another life-saving product.

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