The KiraKira Sparkle App Is The Secret to Your Best Selfie Yet

Photo: patmcgrathreal/Instagram

If you have a weak spot for rhinestones, you're in good company. A quick scroll through your Instagram feed, and you've probably noticed that things look a little, well, more sparkly. Everyone from celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath have been using the KiraKira+ app to give their posts a glitter-spiked filter.

While the Japanese app has been around for two years, if you followed along with the Spring 2018 shows during fashion month, you probably noticed that everything—including dresses, shoes, and bags—the designers sent down the runways had a lot of extra sparkle. That's because the editors, celebs, and influencers in the front row had their KiraKira+ apps open.

Backstage, makeup artists—namely Pat McGrath—used the app to give makeup the glitter equivalent of looking through rose-colored glasses. If you're an avid McGrath fan, you know she was an early KiraKira+ adopter and used the app to make everything from her runway makeup looks to Pat McGrath Labs products look crystallized.

As demonstrated on supermodel mom and daughter duo Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber backstage at Versace below, the app not only gives your makeup some extra sparkle, it also transforms your complexion. Your skin has a healthy, warm, ethereal glow that no Valencia filter could ever give you.

Makeup artist Peter Philips loves the app so much that it inspired the Dries Van Noten beauty look he created for the designer's Spring 2018. Models wore crystals around their eyes, in a stripe across their lips, and along their hair parts.

So how do you use it? The app offers seven different sparkle modes that accentuate anything that emits light or is reflective on or around you. Each filter changes the color of your image and the shade of the sparkles, which silvery in some and multicolored in others.

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KiraKira+ is easy to use. Just like Snapchat or instagram Stories, you swipe right to change the filter and a side toolbar that lets you choose your sparkle level. As of now, app can only be used on videos which you can save to your camera roll and directly upload them to Snapchat or Instagram after giving them the glitter treatment.

Of course, diamond-esque shine doesn't come for free. KiraKira+ is currently 99 cents on Apple's App Store . But that's a whole lot more economical than buying actual diamonds, right?

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