By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Mar 20, 2018 @ 4:45 pm
Credit: C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Kim Kardashian West is quickly taking over your makeup bag with KKW-branded essentials—and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. In less than a year, her self-named beauty brand has produced two kits to score the celebrity's signature contour, metallic Instagram-bait highlighters, multiple fragrances, and now, an anti-aging three-step concealer kit. The reveal broke the internet, naturally, with a campaign featuring three generations of women in her family—Kardashian West herself, Kris Jenner, and grandma MJ.

Ahead of the launch, InStyle had the chance to chat with Kim about what is next for her beauty brand and her secret for always looking awake.

Do you ever use your concealer to cover up acne, and is there an area you usually deal with it?

I don’t have acne, thankfully. But every once in a while I will get a blemish on my jawline or around my nose, so of course you have to use concealer. It always gets red, and I always like to conceal it and then set it with a powder. I have a brightening set, but I probably wouldn’t do that for acne.

Tell me a little bit about how the concealer kits came to be.

When I was planning out the launch of my contours, my goal was always to do skin first and then move into powder contours and move into concealer. I feel like under-eye concealer has always been such a struggle for me because I have such dark eye circles. It’s genetic, and there’s nothing I can do about it. My makeup artist Mario and I have worked together for 10 years and we’ve always had three steps that we’ve used. I think people didn’t really know what contouring was. I had to show them and teach them, and then they became obsessed. I think the everyday person that’s wearing makeup will buy concealer, but then they don’t know how to set it to make it not crease. They don’t know that you can actually brighten it with a pressed powder. I wanted to have a kit available to make it really easy for people to figure out how to have a really perfect under eye.

Credit: KKW Beauty

That’s one of the top questions we get all the time: Where do I put concealer?

It is really tricky. I always think about what my friends would do. That’s why with the campaign I always think, 'I want my grandma to be able to figure it out.' We have anti-aging properties in the concealer. The campaign features 16 models ranging from the 60s, 70s, 50s, 30s, 40s, 20s. We have someone from every category. That was really important to show that it is so universal. Here are the easy steps for you, and that’s how you get your flawless under eye.

Do you ever give your family your products to test?

All the time. Yeah, all the time.

What’s the funniest review you’ve received?

I love testing them with fragrance. I think that’s really easy, unless they are going to take the time to put it [the makeup] on. I love when they test my lipsticks. They test my contour. They’ve tested everything, but I love their response with testing fragrance.

Why is that? Do you feel like it’s more of a feeling?

Yeah, I think everyone has a different opinion, and I love getting everyone’s opinion. It’s really, really helpful. Having this focus group is really amazing.

Do you ever ask Kanye’s opinion when you’re developing your products? Does he ever weigh in?

Not on makeup, but he’ll let me know if he doesn’t like something. If I’m wearing something, and he’s like, ‘Oh my god. What is that?’ But fragrance, for sure.

Do you ever swap product, or does he ever borrow any of your skincare?

Not really. He’s not the biggest skincare person. We use the same toothpaste and stuff like that. When we buy it, we don’t use different kinds. We use the same body wash. That’s about it.

What’s your number one hack for not looking tired when you’re up all night with your babies?

I think you just have to conceal. You just really have to use the product. If you’re tired, I think the brightening powder is our secret weapon, and that’s always been my secret weapon with Mario. It’s the final step. People usually just conceal and then bake, but I think you have to brighten at the end, especially if you want to look a little more alive.

Is there a beauty look that you feel the most you in? A look you would totally identify with?

Yeah, I love when my eye just really pops and I have a bit more of a smoky eye. I love when I’m tan. When I’m tan, I think my makeup just looks a little bit better. Mario would say the opposite. He likes when I’m pale. That’s our big fight.

What’s next for KKW Beauty?

I’m going to start to add in a lot of color products. I’m excited to have a collab with Mario coming out. We’re starting with a palette that him and I have been working on for a long time. I’m really excited to launch my lipsticks and lip liners because I’ve been working on those for a long time. They're really pretty nudes and browns.

When you’re thinking of a new product, what’s the first step? Do you think about what you don’t like in products you’ve used, or do you think about what you wish there was?

I think a little bit of both. I like to find the best version of what I’m looking for. We’re always mixing things. With lips, we’re always mixing colors, even liners. So I take all the inspiration from my makeup artist, what we’re doing, and what our current looks are, and then try to make a better version of that.

You said the concealer has anti-aging actives in it. Why was that so important for you to put that in there?

Because I’m not getting any younger! I have to start taking really good care of my skin, so there’s no better time than now to try to figure it out. I wanted a concealer for all different ages to use, instead of having these super young gorgeous models. Of course they’re going to look good when they’re like 20 years old and have a perfect under eye.

Did you ever make any major foundation or concealer mistakes as a teenager?

I didn’t even know what concealer was back then. I was so obsessed with foundation when I was younger. My mom had so much foundation, and I would put it all over my face at inappropriately young ages. When I was like 8 years old, I would cover my face with foundation, not even knowing what it was, looking so crazy. I was really into foundation.

Is there a product that North is super curious about?

She loves shadows, and she loves lip glosses. She loves makeup. She loves doing people’s makeup. She loves giving makeovers.

KKW Beauty Concealer Kits are available for $80 each at on March 23rd.