Credit: John Shearer/Getty

As the sun sets on the first day of summer, KKW Beauty has been on the market for one day. And, we hope you got up early to grab your products! Kim Kardashian West's cream contour kits sold out within minutes, proving that the reality star can make it as a beauty mogul, after all. (We're not particularly shocked, TBH.)

But, can she apply makeup? Kardashian West upped the ante when she challenged her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to a face-off of sorts. The stakes were high as the two each took on a side of the star's perfectly symmetrical face. The game? To see who's the true master of l'art du contour. The tool? Why, none other than KKW Beauty's sold-out kit.

The Selfish author was decidedly generous with beauty tips, sharing exactly how she chisels that legendary face. After applying the dark cream to her hairline, jaw line, and cheekbones, Kardashian West uses a bristly brush to pull the makeup down and back into the hairline.

And then, voila! "How much better and cleaner does my side look?," the star teased her makeup artist. Well, you've seen the video: now you be the judge. But, as Dedivanovic captioned his post: "Don't forget who taught her!"