4 Honest Reviews of Kim Kardashian's Newest Fragrance

Kim Kardashian Fragrance - Lead
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If you know anything about Kim Kardashian and her innate ability to break the Internet, the concept of her third fragrance shouldn’t surprise you. When it came to bottling the scent, Kardashian West took its name, KKW Body, quite literally—housing her new $60 fragrance in a bottle made from a mold of her nude torso.

She hinted at the design by posting a series of naked pictures of herself leading up to KKW Body's grand debut. After about a week of speculation about what KKW Body could possibly smell like, and if it would be something I'd want lingering on my body, it finally landed on my desk. According to the press release, it's made up of fruity notes like bergamot and peach nectar and florals like rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine sambac. It's rounded out with notes like sandalwood, musk, and amber. Essentially, it's a balanced taste of all the fragrance genres.

Instead of just giving you my review, I decided to poll four people whose jobs depend on their knowledge of scent in some shape or form. Keep scrolling for their honest, candid, and unexpected takes.

The Florist

Given the fragrance's many floral notes, I was excited to speak with Odalys, a florist at Flowers by Yasmine. "Wow. It's not bad," she said after smelling it. "I actually really like it. I don't know what I was expecting, but this is very femme. I wouldn't be able to tell what kind of flowers it's incorporating, but something along the lines of sweet pea."

The Beauty Editor

Next, I asked InStyle beauty editor Dianna Mazzone to give it a whiff. After feeling the bottle, Dianna said she expected the fragrance to be a little more gritty and less refined than some of her other scents. She opted to spray it on her wrists for the full effect. "I'm surprised at how clean it is," she said.

After a few more sniffs, Dianna said that if it was any other fragrance, she thinks it would be marketed as aquatic and fresh and packaged in a blue translucent bottle.

"We're seeing a lot of scents now that are soft and subdued, like 'your skin but better,'" said Dianna. "It smells like fresh cut flowers—flowers that were just in water and someone snipped the bottoms of them. Maybe putting her body on it is her way of saying this is one of the 'your skin but better' scents."

The Foodie

The aroma of fresh pastries and ground coffee at Olive's, a cafe in New York's Financial District, are hard to miss as you walk by. I brought my bottle of KKW Body in to get the opinions of Nick, Olive's co-owner and a man who knows plenty about how smell can create a positive customer experience. "Is this supposed to be her? She's very sexy. She's a sexy woman," he told me when I unveiled it.

His critique on the fragrance was a little more surprising. "It's very funny. To me, it's a pure, clean fragrance," he said. "From that bottle, I would expect it to be more musky and provocative, where this seems more country fields and new linen. It's pleasant. It would be interesting to smell it on a woman as opposed to paper because it would come alive more."

What I found most surprising about this Kim Kardashian-inspired experiment is that everyone who tested it legitimately acted surprised, as if they didn't think they were going to like it, or they thought it was going to smell like the sugary sweet celebrity scents that ran the early 2000s. For the record, I agree with them. I liked that it was floral and fresh, but it stuck around for longer than 30 seconds. I don't think it'll replace my daily spritz of Proenza Schouler Arizona any time soon, but I didn't hate it. I'll definitely be working the floral scent in on a few Saturday nights this summer. Kim Kardashian does really know what she's doing.

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