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Fleur Du Mal
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There are times in life where we aspire to be so glamorous to the point that it's borderline ridiculous. See Mariah Carey in a gown fashioned to look like a basketball jersey for an example, Mariah Carey walking on her treadmill in heels, or Mariah Carey riding the subway in a ballgown.

Basically, we aspire to be Mariah Carey.

Though our vocal range isn't quite there, the partnership between By Kilian fragrances and Fleur Du Mal lingerie can at least get us a slight amount closer to her insanely glamorous level with their new line of scented lingerie. Respective brand founders Kilian Hennessy and Jennifer Zuccarini have joined forces ahead of the holiday season to create a range of undergarments, robes, night sets, and even lace cuffs ($68 to $595; fleurdumal.com), all infused with one of Kilian's most-loved fragrances.

"There's something intriguing and intimate about fragrance and lingerie that I've always wanted to explore," Zuccarini says. "With this collection, we've been able to add an element of sensuality that enhances the experience of intimacy."

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So, what makes these pieces different from simply misting your panties with your favorite fragrance? The lace of each item is actually infused with fragrance enclosed in gel micro-capsules, which are designed to last anywhere from 4 to 5 washes. The scent in question? Kilian's Love, Don't Be Shy ($260; net-a-porter.com), which is a sweet, sensual mix of honeysuckle, caramelized sugar, jasmine, bergamot, and vanilla that plays well with the chemistry of your skin.

Once you've exhausted the 4 to 5 wash lifespan, we suppose you can pick up a bottle of the spray-on version and go to town with that to keep the momentum. According to Hennessy, Rihanna is a big fan of the Love, Don't Be Shy scent, so we figure if it's good enough for her, it'll smell just fine on us.