She's got great skin, so we'd follow her advice. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jun 22, 2016 @ 9:15 am
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Khloe K. isn't just the sassiest of the Kardashians, I'd also argue she may be the most thorough. She's said it herself, she has KhlOCD. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that she would be as thorough with her skin care as she would be organizing her cooking jars. And that means she wouldn't dare overlook her SPF.

Turns out, there was something to that hunch I had. In a post entitled "Summer Beauty Series: How to Keep Your Makeup in Place" Koko gave her fans a suggestion on SPF to wear under makeup, and well, well, well, it also happens to be a MIMI editor favorite. (We just wrote about it!)

The SPF shopping suggestion she notes? Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen ($25; The verdict? It's bomb. But if you want a specific reason why Khloe listed it as an option, we got that, too. "This sunscreen stick from Fresh is water-resistant, which means your makeup won't run, even if you sweat," she writes on her website.

Given that the bday girl is a fitness buff, we're going to trust her judgment. For more of her tips on how to keep your makeup from running in the heat, check out her app and site