By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 18, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

While my love for the stair climber has yet to fade, I’m still always open to trying any workout that will help tone my legs and butt. Lucky for me, Khloe K shares a lot with her fans and just gave the world (or anyone who religiously follows the postings on her app) the scoop on one exercise that is amazing for booty boosting. And that area, as it turns out, is her favorite part of the body to work out, along with her legs.

On her app, she says that she's been working to build the muscles in her stems. "I've always had skinny legs, so I want my legs to be bigger! I'm still building my legs because I want them to be more muscular and defined," she writes. Girl is inspirational at the gym, so I'm sure her workouts have been intense.

So what's the routine that came along with her post?

Sorry for anyone who hates squats (we get it), but it’s a variation of the tried-and-true workout move. So will you feel the burn? From the looks of Khloe’s face in this video, yes.

Basically, her trainer Gunnar Peterson has her stand on a BOSU ball and hold a squat position. The ball has an uneven, unstable surface, so you can see she has to hold her position strong all while balancing. I did yoga the other day and almost toppled over doing a "standing split", so I'm sure I'd be on fire with this one.

In the video, Gunnar explains that it not only works or core, but it also activates muscles in the legs.

No probs. You can use a variation of this move with towels or even a pillow under your feet.

Pretty much convinced Khloe would make the ultimate gym buddy at this point.