By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated May 04, 2016 @ 11:45 am
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Let’s just throw this out there — Katy Perry is a delight and so is her brand new lipstick collection. But it’s a labor of love between the beauty chameleon herself and CoverGirl, so are any of us surprised?

A few weeks ago, we learned that Katy was planning on launching a demi-matte Katy Kat lipstick collection, complete with 13-shades (including a black tube!!!) and colored eyeliner, and we freaked out.

But, when we found out we had the chance to actually chat with Katy about it? Yeah, we freaked out even more.

According to Katy, who we met with to celebrate the launch, her memories and identity with makeup go way back. In fact, she said that while she wasn’t allowed to wear thongs growing up, she could rock some lipstick.

“I love experimenting and playing, and I can change my look. My face holds makeup very well. I started out at 13. My first identity with makeup and clothes was trying to emulate pin-up girls because I thought they were so cool and fascinating. My budget was going to vintage stores or thrift stores. I would try to be those 1940s classic girls,” she said.

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In fact, self-expression was at the root of her new launch, which honestly doesn’t surprise us considering she’s had just about every color hair in the book. Obviously, she looked flawless in each and every shade under the rainbow.

“I just want to give people options to highlight hopefully what they’ve already invested good time in: their emotional wellbeing and their mental health and their spirituality — stuff like that. Those are first and foremost, but then again, we are materialistic. We love to play and have fun and highlight and change. I’m a chameleon when it comes to looks. I’m all over the map,” she says.

Uh, all over the map in the best way possible.

Another thing that was important, according to Katy, was the $$$ of the range — i.e. she wanted her fans to be able to afford to test out new looks. And at $8 a pop, that’s totes doable.

So what’s Katy wearing when she’s not rocking the black lipstick (BTW, that was CoverGirl too) at the Met Gala? She’s pretty open about her at-home routine… of which we L-O-V-E.

“I basically look like a potato when I wake up — Mrs. Potato. Pop in some of those lips and those eyes, and she looks like a bomb-a** potato,” she joked.

She says that every single day she’s not working, she’s in minimal makeup and a black and white Adidas tracksuit. Our kind of girl.

As for the lipstick shade she wears the most?

She definitely has a thing for that black shade, but the one that has won her over is a pretty pink named after her cat.

“Katy Purry is something I would wear all the time — from day to night.”