The Stylist Behind Princess Diana's Iconic Cut Used This Hairspray on Kate Moss for the Platinum Jubilee

Sam McKnight is an obvious choice for a royal celebration.

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Princess Diana's One Time Stylist Used This Hairspray on Kate Moss for the Platinum Jubilee
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While I tuned into parts of the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend festivities, I will tell you, I didn't know exactly what the celebration was for. As it turns out, it marked the Queen of England's 70-year reign.

Although there was a lot of festivity and spectacle, there was one moment that was pivotal for me: the '90s bus, which wass filled with cultural royalty and defining faces of the decade — Naomi Campbell, Erin O'Connor, Kate Moss, and even her hairstylist, Sam McKnight, who Princess Diana also entrusted to give her that iconic, head-turning, cropped cut. For this celebration, Moss wore a Union Jack blazer with her hair in loose tousled waves that were accentuated by a flower piece. McKnight told British Vogue that the defining product he used on the model's hair was his very own Easy Up-Do Texture Spray.

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When it came to Moss' Jubilee hairstyle, he said, "I always start by blow drying Kate's hair upside down — it gives the perfect amount of volume." Afterwards, he put her hair in a bun while she got her makeup done to give it added lift. Then, he took her hair out, tousled it, and misted the Easy Up-Do spray at her roots for a final boost of volume and texture.

If you struggle with flat, limp, lifeless hair, this will purportedly put the oomph back in your strands, replacing the time spent styling your hair with bobby pins, barrettes, braids, etc. The unworkable smoothness of first-day shampooed hair is replaced with the third-day grip and grit.

Lastly, McKnight worked with chic perfume brand Perfumer H to add a finishing touch of fragrance — frankincense, juniper wood, and water lily, which according to his website is the scent of his garden in the rain.

Being the stylist behind Kate Moss' signature middle-part and long, perfectly undone locks is enough of a stamp of approval — but being Princess Diana's go-to stylist doesn't hurt McKnight's case, either. Head to Net-A-Porter and Violet Grey to try a bottle for yourself.

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