Kate Middleton Reportedly Swears by This Serum That Amazon Shoppers Call "Botox in a Bottle," and Claim That It "Works Wonders" for Combatting Fine Lines and Wrinkles

We’ll have what she’s having. 

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Kate Middleton Reportedly Swears By This “Botox In a Bottle” to Combat Wrinkles
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Available at Amazon, Biotulin.

When Kate Middleton stepped out on the red carpet at the recent No Time to Die movie premiere in London, fans went wild for her glittering gold gown, complete with a cape — naturally, enviable accessories, and adoring arm candy (Prince William in a classic tuxedo). Observant onlookers also noticed a slight difference in the texture of her glowing skin, and it's been reported that Middleton may have a skincare secret that we all need to know about.

For starters, the Duchess of Cambridge, who typically wears her brunette hair cascading down around her shoulders, made a statement by sweeping her hair into an elegant updo for the occasion, allowing her smooth, youthful-looking complexion to be on display more than ever before. She's never looked better, and it may be because of one product.

According to a rep from the brand, it's reported that Middleton is a fan of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, an organic Botox gel from Germany, to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. This plant-based gel, dubbed "Botox in a bottle," is currently on Amazon for less than $50 and works on contact to reduce muscle contractions and relax facial features. Visible effects can last for at least nine hours at a time, which is plenty for a fancy event where you need to look your best.

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Plus, it goes without saying that this safe and easy option is much more affordable and accessible than paying for ongoing visits to a doctor for injectables or fillers, and the visible results speak for themselves.

"This gel contains ingredients that mimic Botox without the severity of injections, so it can actually be a wonderful addition to a graceful aging skincare routine," skincare expert and medical aesthetician Cassandra Bankson tells InStyle.

The brand confirms that the product, which is made from spilanthol, a plant-derived natural local anaesthetic, can be applied several times throughout the day. It reduces wrinkles (especially around the pesky eye area) in just one hour, but can be used wherever you need a little extra anti-aging help.

"I was overdue for an injectable touch-up, and as the weeks slipped by, my forehead began looking more and more haggard and lined," explained one reviewer. "This is working. Truly and honestly after a week of use, I woke up and looked in the mirror and didn't see a riverbed of furrows. I can still see some faint lines around my temples in the right light, but that's a massive step ahead of where I was last week."

We'll be stocking up on this miracle worker just in time for those upcoming holiday events, and suggest you do the same.

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