This Eyeliner Stamp Works So Well, I'm Emotional About It

I can finally do a cat eye.

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After Years of Trying, This Liner Helped Me Achieve A Winged Eye In Seconds
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On Tuesday, July 20, I achieved the impossible. After years of struggling, a few moments of swearing, and plenty of smudged eyeliner, I achieved the perfect cat eye. Thanks to a miracle product, I learned how to create eye wings, and it took only minutes to accomplish.

The Kaja Wink Stamp has changed my life, at least when it comes to makeup. Here's how this possibly magical item works: Inside each box is a stamp pen and an eyeliner pen. The liquid eyeliner can be used to line your lids, while the stamp pen, marked right eye and left eye on either end, is made for pressing on a wing. In case you need a little extra help, the packaging contains a set of short, illustrated instructions.

KAJA Wink Stamp | Wing Eyeliner Stamp

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New makeup usually comes with an adjustment period, but I managed to create a set of eye wings on my first try. The liner went on smoothly, and its fine tip allowed for precise application. The stamp was easy to line up with the end of my eye, and I only had to press down for a few seconds to get the shape. It's not a dramatic, long wing, but rather a subtle flick.

I'm not the only one to achieve instant results. "A total game-changer for me! I can't do winged liner to save my life and I got a perfect wing the first time I used this. There is no learning curve, it is so easy," one reviewer exclaimed.

This shopper ditched other eyeliners entirely, while another shared an impressive claim, writing, "This product is seriously amazing. Cut my eyeliner application time in half. The eyeliner is a really nice dark black. If you have been looking at this you definitely should purchase. You will love it."

I can attest to spending less time in front of the mirror, as my previous, pre-stamp lining attempts were slowed down by my constant mistakes. If you're ready to make your makeup dreams come true and create the perfect eye wing in a single step, pick up the Kaja WInk Stamp from Amazon now.

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