You read that correctly. On. His. Face.

Justin Bieber Just Got a New Tattoo…On His Face
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The face that helped launch a gazillion music sales and continues to make millions of girls lose their minds now has a little ink. That’s right, Justin Bieber got a face tattoo.

Before you completely freak out, the tattoo is small. Really small. In fact it’s kind of hard to figure out exactly what it is but it’s perched beside his left eye. It made its debut in an Insta pic with celeb-loved tattoo artist Jon Boy who recently gave Kylie Jenner new (and nearly as miniscule) ink.

In the past Bieber has mentioned he’d be open to getting a face tattoo, but suggested he’d wait until he was older, like a couple of decades from now. Clearly he’s testing the waters early.