This is some meaningful ink.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 13, 2016 @ 6:00 am
Nomi Ellenson/Getty Images

We’ve previously learned of tattoo artists donating their time to provide free tattoos to turn abusive or self-harm scars into something beautiful. But one woman is getting a little help from her favorite author J.K. Rowling to receive a tattoo she hopes will benefit her road to recovery.

A Twitter user by the name of Kate reached out to Rowling over social media with a heartfelt request, asking if the author could possibly write out the phrase “Expecto Patronum” and send it to her. Kate wants this particular phrase, a spell used in the Harry Potter novels to create a white shield of positive energy, because she’s currently working through a great deal of emotional and physical struggles. Kate hopes that this constant reminder of positivity will aid in keeping her on track, but the tattoo would mean so much more in Rowling’s handwriting.

If you follow the writer on Twitter, you know she’s an avid social media user and very communicative with her fans. Fairly quickly, she obliged Kate’s request with a kind response and the hand-written words she was looking for.

We hope Kate posts the finished product of her tattoo, and that her journey to recovery is a successful one.