The Honest Company creator celebrated other female entrepreneurs including fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff.

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Jessica Alba
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Jessica Alba, the founder of The Honest Company and Honest Beauty, co-hosted an empowering event Wednesday night with Daniel Martin, celebrity makeup artist and Honest Beauty’s creative color consultant. The dinner and panel event celebrated female founders, as well as the launch of Honest Beauty’s liquid lipsticks — the latest must-have from the clean beauty brand.

The bash was held at a private venue in Bel Air, and attendees included makeup artists, influencers, and trailblazing female entrepreneurs. To top off the night, Alba moderated a panel featuring fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff; Raissa Gerona, chief brand officer of Revolve; and Karla Gallardo, co-founder and CEO of fashion brand Cuyana.

Honest Beauty Dinner
Jessica Alba moderates a panel with Rebecca Minkoff, Raissa Gerona, and Karla Gallardo.
| Credit: Courtesy of Honest Beauty
Jessica Alba Co-Hosts Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick Celebration Honoring Female Founders 
Credit: Courtesy of Honest Beauty

Alba focused the conversation on what it took for each woman to build their business, as well as the art of staying true to their individual brand ethos. She also spoke on the meaning of success — something the actress and business maven knows plenty about.

“Success isn’t necessarily about being the smartest or being the most influential in the room. It’s about motivating and supporting the people around you, creating change for the better,” she explained. “It’s actually about creating this space for others to fully realize the dream, and for them to move the needle forward. And it’s not about you being a single person, but for an entire community to move the needle.”

Alba recently added a new product to her clean-beauty empire, Honest Beauty’s Liquid Lipsticks. Unlike most liquid lipsticks, these new products are hydrating, long-lasting, and free of silicones, synthetic film formers, and animal by-products.

Jessica Alba Co-Hosts Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick Celebration Honoring Female Founders 
Credit: Courtesy of Honest Beauty

Alba told InStyle she couldn’t even use liquid lipsticks because they dried out her lips so much. “I couldn’t wear them. It made my mouth feel like the desert,” Alba quipped. “I don’t need anything that’s going to make my situation look more raisin or dehydrated. I need all the hydration and plumpness.”

Alba worked alongside Martin, her co-host for the night and the creative color consultant for Honest Beauty, to create the perfect formula with naturally derived ingredients. As a makeup artist to A-list stars, Martin shared that he never enjoyed using liquid lipstick on his clients due to the instant drying effect.

“The dry down is so fast. Once it’s on, you can’t move it. And as a makeup artist who works with actresses who have to have their makeup on for a long time, I can’t control it,” Martin noted. “So if they’re doing an interview two hours later, and I’m not there to touch up and everything starts to crack and get all wack, it’s just something that makes me uncomfortable.”

Martin, who was involved in the Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick formula process, said the product is multipurpose. “I’ve used this on the cheek, and it’s been so much fun as a blush. Because you have time to move and you have time to really finesse the color cause then it changes the opacity as well."

Daniel Martin
Credit: Courtesy of Honest Beauty

The shine-to-matte lipsticks are named Forever, Happiness, Passion, Off-Duty, Goddess, BFF, and Fearless (the only color exclusively available at The vegan formula includes avocado oil for nourishment and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Released on July 12, the line is available for $12.99 at, and

In addition to being flattering and sustainably-sourced, the pigmented lipsticks are affordable for everyone. In a market where clean beauty products can get pricey, Honest Beauty wants to ensure healthy beauty products can be available to all consumers.

“We believe that everyone should have access to clean and it shouldn’t break the bank,” Alba said.

So, can we expect more colors in the future? The answer is a definite yes. Alba told InStyle that there’s much more ahead.

“We’re going to expand the color range. We’re also coming out with a lot more innovation and color because that really is the breakthrough,” she said.