ennifer Garner attends the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium

Jennifer Garner Swears This Lip Balm Splurge Lasts Forever

And it’s by a famous doctor.
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Where would we be if it wasn't for Jennifer Garner? Thanks to the actress, we now know it's officially January 85th, we should say goodbye to hard pants forever, and that hedgehogs make every day better. If you have no idea what we're talking about, we'd highly recommend checking out her Instagram page  — especially her cinematic cat masterpieces. But while her social media presence constantly brings us levity, it doesn't necessarily tell us exactly how to become Jennifer Garner, which feels like a blindspot.

To find out how to become Garner, we often look towards the rare interviews she gives where she exposes all of her anti-aging beauty and comfortable fashion secrets. Garner loves a good pair of sneakers and a drugstore beauty find just as much as the rest of us. Which means that, like us mortals, Garner also succumbs to a necessarily beauty splurge every now and again.

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In a recent Glamour interview, Garner opened up on her favorite $25 retinol oil and her favorite $55 beauty splurge. She swears by Dr. Barbara Sturm's best-selling lip balm that costs more than your average lip balm (but that Garner swears works wonders and has lasted her forever). She says that the single purchase has lasted her for years, which by our calculations is a steal when you actually do the math. Most lip balms cost around $20 but are known for depleting quickly. Also, Dr. Barbara Sturm is basically a legend

First, let's discuss the lip balm in question. The Dr. Barbara Sturm lip balm is a best-seller for a reason. It is beloved for its restorative and nourishing properties that promise to revive your lips. One look at Garner's face is enough to prove this to be fact. The actress is famous for a lot of things, and one of them is her fresh, natural beauty look that has her looking effervescent and ever-young. 

The lip balm is also exactly what everyone should be using right now, especially when temperatures are currently as low as 4 degrees in New York. Formulated with healing shea butter, avocado oil, and beeswax, the famous product will make your lips instantly feel more elastic and softer. Of course this makes sense — if it's Garner's fave, we know it has to deliver. 

Another reason we know it's amazing is because this lip balm is by the Dr. Barbara Sturm. You probably recognize the name because she is a skincare guru known for creating the famous vampire facial Kim Kardashian made go viral.

For a long time, Sturm was a secret amongst beauty editors in the know. Now she can be found in the bathrooms of Hollywood stars everywhere. To even get treated by the skincare icon herself, the waitlist is thousands-of-very-famous-people-long. When you take that into consideration, a $55 lip balm from one of the most in-demand aesthetics doctors in the world is actually a bargain. It almost feels like cheating. But we'll gladly cheat if it means our smile can even be just one watt as charming as Jennifer Garner's. 

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