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Jennifer Garner
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

I have a lot in common with Jennifer Garner's 13 Going on 30 character Jenna Rink. I'm 30 years old, work at a fashion magazine, and am constantly stumbling through the grown-up world. But in real life, Garner is the complete opposite from her beloved character.

Garner, a blockbuster actress, Neutrogena ambassador, and mom to three kids under the age of 14, somehow manages to fit in daily Body by Simone dance cardio workouts (and sometimes boxing) into her schedule, while I misplace my work ID card at least twice a week.

How does she do it? Perhaps the secret to being able to do the most is sticking with what you like. Garner takes this approach to her hair, skin, makeup, and wellness routines, including committing to the same morning smoothie and simple, three-step daily makeup routine.

"I’m pretty much the least trendiest person you’ve ever met," Garner told me when I jumped on the phone with her to talk beauty and wellness trends.

"I don’t think I’m someone who’s going to get a vampire facial because the math doesn’t add up to me. The worst thing that can happen is an infection in your blood. So taking your blood out in a casual office, mixing it around, and then putting it back on your face is something I'm fine without trying."

Garner's simple but effective approach to skincare includes Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Sunscreen for SPF protection, and Wrinkle Repair Retinol Oil to reduce signs of aging.

"I think that as you start to get older and get deep into your 40’s, you have to figure out what your retinol product is going to be," she tells me. "It’s so important, but retinol can also irritate your skin and leave it red and blotchy. This new [Neutrogena] retinol oil is meant to be used at night. It's gentle, but takes care of your skin at the same time, so it's been good for me."

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Even though Garner's beauty routine is impressively low-key, she hasn't completely Marie Kondo-ed her hair products. She tells me the Sheila Stotts Removal Brush, a metal bristle smoothie brush, is the one product she hoards. She also keeps a stash so that she can give them out to friends when they're over.

"I give these hairbrushes to all my girlfriends," Garner says. "I have a store of them in my drawer. If I have a friend come over with a daughter and she’s brushing her hair with one of our brushes, I know she’s going to go home with it."

Jenn, if the invitation's open, I'll gladly come over.